Detox Therapy

The Detox Therapy line is a detoxification treatment for scalp and hair. This is ideal for the removal of waste of pollution, chlorine, salt, oil and also regularly used cosmetics that accumulate in the hair and do not leave with the usual washes.
The combination of ginger and mint, present on the line, has astringent, refreshing and soothing action, which deeply cleans and prepares the scalp and the hair for a stronger and healthy growth.

Active Ingredients:

Ginger is rich in vitamin B6 and minerals. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, helping to prevent dandruff and improving the circulation in the scalp.

Mint provides soothing, refreshing and relaxing sensations. Rich in essential oils and natural antioxidants that give astringency, leaving the light and loose hair.

Antiwaste mask: cleaning the scalp.

1. In wet hair, apply the Mask to the full extent of the scalp;
2. Massage in gentle circular motions, without extending to the hair;
3. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse;

4. Apply preferably a Haskell shampoo and rinse;
5. Apply a conditioner or mask of your own, leave it and rinse.

Anti-waste Shampoo: cleaning the hair

1. Apply the shampoo to wet hair;
2. Massage in gentle circular motions;
3. Spread the foam over the whole length of the hair;
4. Rinse well;
5. For a more intense cleaning, repeat the application.

Specifications: Scalp and hair detoxification.

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