Cavalo Forte

The Cavalo Forte (Strong Horse) is the biggest Haskell's success. Originally created to strengthen and provide shine to the mane and tail of horses, shampoo for horses came to prominence for its result and is now used by women.
Later on, these products have been specifically developed for human use, and it got successful overseas.
With its pioneering spirit, Haskell innovates once again and brings to Brazil a complete line that gives hair strength, shine, and growth.
Active Ingredients:
Biotin increases the elasticity of the hair, avoiding its rupture, strengthens the hair which prevents hair loss and helps in the growth and it moisturizes and nourishes the hair. Biotin stimulates micro-circulation of the scalp, and acts to prevent atrophy and follicular aging.
Panthenol: important at maintaining hair health. It provides a prolonged hydration resistance, flexibility, lightness, brightness, reducing split ends and help to recover the hair.
Keratin: fibrous protein which surrounds the hair forming a film which provides strength, elasticity and impermeability, and help to form the capillary structure. Losing it means have hair out of strength, brittle and without shine.
Specifications: Hair weak, opaque and difficulty in growing.

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