Haskell exists to
transform the
woman's relationship with her hair.

We want more than nourishing, restoring, giving brightness or volume. As in a conversation between friends, we are here to restore your essence and self-esteem, to make you rejoice with each defined curl, with that straight hair that frightens any bad mood, the redhead that makes the whole block stops, the black power that shows the world your greatest pride.

Brazil inspires us and provides precious raw materials that, together with our technologies, result in innovations that come to you in the form of hair cosmetics: there are several lines developed to make of your hair a universe of possibilities.


Meet Haskell and discover
many versions of you, all of them,
simply beautiful and full of personality!


People who create beauty

A Team of individuals passionate about people, hair and stories and we value teamwork. That's why we act empathetically and put ourselves in the shoes of our consumers to help them find the best product for their hair type, highlighting their natural beauty and self-esteem. We believe that success is achieved on a daily basis with work, focus, commitment, partnership and respect, so we strive to build a healthy relationship with all parties involved in our chain.



Our Purpose


We want to bring beauty,
self-esteem and welfare
to people.

We know that everything that nature gives us can end, that is why we care about the environment and we aim to intensify more and more the preservation of natural resources, growing in a responsible way and contributing to the development of the city in which we choose to live. We also want to awaken the leading role of the people who come in contact with Haskell, encouraging them to find their essence.


In this sense, we are very proud to make our employees aware of the responsible use of natural resources and to support environmental and social projects that are moving towards what we believe:


Black Pearls

Born in Viçosa (MG), the Pérolas Negras (Black Pearls) Project sees the importance of identity empowerment as an advance in the social-emotional and educational productivity of girls from peripheral neighborhoods. The proposal is to create spaces through activities aimed at valuing and (re) building self-esteem, encouraging children and women to express, in different ways, perceptions about their places in society, rescuing citizenship and valuing the identity of each one of them. The project has already offered pedagogical consultancies, identity and gender stimulus workshops for more than 2,000 girls in different regions of Brazil. The works of the Pérolas Negras (Black Pearls) are headed by women, they are teachers, social scientists, researchers, media experts, secondary students and masters.




Impacto - Urban Dances Group

Impacto - Urban Dances Group driven by its passion for hip-hop, aims to research, develop and perfect the art from the streets. Since the beginning of its formation, the Group participates in several courses, festivals and competitions. The dancers are young people from communities with a high level of social vulnerability and who seek to achieve a new social context for themselves and their families through artistic professionalization. In 2017, the Impacto Group debuted its latest author show - Baobás - in which it portrays the identity of the Brazilian people. The work brings the strength of Brazil's beliefs and the search increasingly alive for the recognition of the importance of its roots. The Group held its first international tour in 2018, through Holland and Belgium, where they were acclaimed by local critics.



Preservation of water resources


We evolved the process of Treatment of Liquid Effluents, aiming that any industrial effluent, after treatment, be used for less noble purposes, such as fertigation and floor washing. We want 100% of our industrial effluent to be reused and that, as an advantage, the industry reduces the consumption of drinking water. We also focus on the valuation of non-recyclable solid waste, as well as all the storage, collection and proper disposal of waste generated by the industry. We seek processes that contemplate nobler destinations, reducing the environmental and social impacts caused. We opted for economic equipment, in favor of saving energy and supplies, providing and encouraging the use of public transport, investing in training on sustainability and respect for environmental laws.



Quality Policy

To exert continuous improvement in our processes, committing ourselves to meet the applicable requirements and invest in quality, safety, environment and professional qualification to surpass the expectations of our clients, offering them innovation.